SportsEngine Registration: Blaine Area Little League

2022 Baseball Coach Application


Welcome to the 2022 Baseball Coach Registration

This registration will ask you to provide contact and personal information regarding your background and experience. Please read through each page carefully to ensure all information is provided accurately. 


If you are hoping to coach more than 1 child's team this season, PLEASE FILL OUT A SEPARATE APPLICATION FOR EACH CHILD YOU WISH TO COACH.   Also, please be sure to verify that the age levels do not play on the same evenings.

4/Teeball --> Tuesday/Sunday

5/6 --> Monday/Wednesday

7/8--> Tuesday/Thursday

Minors --> 4-5 days per week including weekends

Majors --> 4-5 days per week including weekends

Challenger--> 1-2 days per week

Northstar--> 4-5 days per week

Coach Information

To receive full consideration as a coach within the Blaine Area Little League you will need to:

  1. Complete the online registration application completely by the coaches registration deadline.
  2. Attend mandatory coaches meetings, league meetings and coaches clinics offered by the organization.  All meetings are held within the city of Blaine. Dates and times will be communicated via email to interested coaches.
  3. Complete (or have completed in the past 3 years) the Trusted Coaches Training which includes First Aid, Concussion, Child Safety and Positive Coaching Alliance training, as well as a criminal background check. An email and link will be sent to you in order to complete this training.  Please note: a background check is annual, we will do a background check on all applicants every year. 

About the Coaches

All coaches are volunteers. Last season we had nearly 700 players, and 200 committed parents and friends dedicated their time to making it a great season. Our goal is to have 3 rostered coaches per team at the older levels (one head coach and two assistant coaches) and a minimum of 4 coaches at ages 8 & under. This year, again, we need your help!

No previous coaching experience is required, and the coaching opportunity is open to both moms and dads. The program provides coaches meetings, clinics, and online resources to assist you in making the season a success for all playing levels. We request that each coach understand and accept that the program is for the kids and our goals are to teach them baseball and life skills and to get them to come back and play again next season!


While many of the coaches have children in the program and coach on their children's teams, we have several coaches that participate every year without having a child in the program. It is not a requirement of our coaches that they have a child in the program to coach!


Blaine Area Little League (BALL) required background checks will be conducted through the Trusted Coaches Program and/or Little League International for every head and assistant coach. This process requires a separate application from the online coaching application and will be provided for you in March. This is an additional registration requirement to the BALL registration process detailed above.


Only those coaches who have had a background check, attended the coaches meetings, have proof of concussion training, received a copy of the rules, and have been approved to coach are allowed to coach our teams.


Coaching Registration and Selection

When registering to coach, note that head coaches have an opportunity to request members of their coaching staff if they are head coaches. If you are registering as an assistant you have an opportunity to request to coach with a certain head coach. If the request is granted, your players will automatically be placed on the same team. However, to make this system work, all coaches must complete the application process by the deadline to be considered a coach.


When applying, note that there is a maximum of three assistant coaches listed. That maximum relates to teams ages 8 & under that can be selected prior to the team rosters being put together. For ages 9 & above, the maximum pre-placement assistant coaching is two. Additional assistant coaches can be added after teams are selected, but pre-placement maximums of coaching staffs will be capped as noted above with no exceptions.


Coaching assignments are largely based on team formation. Due to the length of time registration is open, and the complications associated with determining how many teams will be formed, the notification of head coaching assignments tends to be done a few weeks after registration closes, for sure by April. For those same reasons, no one can count on a head coaching assignment until they are advised of such. Being a head coach the previous year is not a guarantee that you continue as one going forward. In the weeks that follow registration the question is often asked “I’ve registered to coach, have I been accepted, or am I needed?” As a rule, our program does not turn away volunteer coaches that meet the above-stated criteria. We do not advise coaches of their acceptance. We instead address situations where a coaching volunteer fails to meet the established criteria. In short, if you’re not advised otherwise, you’re cleared to coach in our program and we will do all we can to place you if the registrations warrant it. 


If you change your mind on coaching after registering your player, you can be added or removed from the coaching pool by contacting Corey Geist, Coach Development Coordinator at


Thank you for your interest in coaching this season!



Please direct questions to:

Corey Geist

Coach Development Coordinator